​​​Michelle Warner

Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist

 Abhyanga with Marma Therapy​​

 80 minutes-$160

 A nourishing warm oil massage that relaxes the nervous system, detoxifies  and rejuvenates the tissues, balances the organ systems, and enhances  circulation.  Constitutionally supportive essential oils are used on Marma  points, the energy rich centers that are the pathways to our inner pharmacy.


​ 50 minutes-$125

 Warm herbal oil streamed over the forehead and scalp followed by marma  point therapy and massage of the shoulders, neck, face, and head.  This  treatment deeply calms and coordinates the mind. It is excellent for all

 nervous system imbalances such as, insomnia, anxiety, headache, pain,

 stress, and fatigue. 

 Bliss Therapy

​ 110 minutes-$235 without herbal steam

 130 minutes-$260 with herbal steam

 Abhyanga followed by Shirodhara.  Optional herbal steam therapy to

 enhance circulation and open the channels to facilitate absorption of the oils.

 As the name implies, it is a truly grounding and blissful experience.


 ​50 Minutes-$125

 Facial massage including marma point therapy, with application 

 of moist heat to open the sinuses, followed by administration of 

 herbalized oil to the nostrils.  This treatment benefits allergies,

 headaches, congestion, tiniitis, and snoring.  

 It facilitates mental clarity and better absorption of prana.


 ​50 Minutes-$125

 A circle of raised dough is adhered to the body, and a pool of  warm, herbalized oil is pooled in the center.   Specific oils are

 used based on the system being treated.  The oils nourish the  underlying tissues, and the warmth facilitates circulation and

 healing via the movement of prana to the area.

 Kati Basti- benefits low back pain and stiffness.

 Netra Basti-uses warm ghee.  Strengthens and cleanses the  eyes.  Especially benefits dry, strained, and irritated eyes.  It has

 a secondary effect of benefiting the liver and the nervous


 Hrd Basti-uses milk, ghee, and rose to nourish the physical  and  spiritual heart.

 Vishuddha Basti-benefits the thyroid.

Chakra Basti-nourishes the functions of the chakras, which  govern emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical aspects of 


 Adrenal Basti-nourishes the kidneys and adrenals for increased  energy, improved stress response, and greater